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Industry: Real Estate

The Company is the leading integrated single-family residential (“SFR’) property management and rental portfolio owner in a highly attractive and growing geographical footprint in the Carolinas.

Transaction Overview:

The Company owners had spent a lifetime building a significant SFR portfolio and an affiliated property management organization to manage it.  As they approached retirement, they were looking to focus more heavily on their commercial real estate activities as well as family, travel and other interests.  They were also highly interested in minimizing the potential tax ramifications of a transaction.


Trestle undertook a process that included parallel processes involving both SFR portfolio owners and property management companies that had the ability to provide full liquidity and an exit plan for the owners.  The Company ultimately sold its SFR portfolio to a private REIT in a stock transaction structure that allowed the owners to defer taxes on their proceeds until a later date.  Based on the outcome of the SFR portfolio transaction, the owners decided to retain their ownership in the property management organization while transitioning primary operational responsibilities to other existing management.


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