Private Equity Recapitalization

Location: Mt. Royal, NJ

Industry: Risk Management Products

The Company is a world leader in the flood risk management industry and provides products and services to both residential and commercial customers.

Transaction Overview:

The Company had two owners who were in different stages of their careers.  One owner was looking to gradually step down from day to day activities, while the other wished to remain in his current position.  Both owners, however, were looking to find a partner who could both provide liquidity and also supply capital and expertise to help the Company execute on a number of significant growth opportunities.


Trestle undertook a broad marketing process that focused on private equity partners but also included selected strategic partners. The Company was sold to a private equity group that had prior experience in the industry in a transaction that included cash and an equity rollover. The owners were able to retain a significant equity stake in the Company and participate in future growth through the rollover.  The owners also achieved their goals, with one retaining operational control of the business while the other received an option to decrease his day to day role over time based on his personal preferences.


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