Location: Houston, TX

Industry: Financial Services

The Company is a leading Independent Sales Organization (ISO) providing credit card processing and related services to merchants throughout the U.S.

Transaction Overview:

The Company had built a large portfolio of customers to whom it provided various services related to credit card processing. In addition to its core services, the Company had also developed a proprietary software system that allowed customers to access tools related to risk management and data analytics.  Since the proprietary software offering was starting to gain critical mass, Trestle was asked to help the Company evaluate strategic options to monetize some or all of the core ISO and spin out the software platform into a separate business.


Trestle was asked to speak with a small set of potential partners with whom the Company already had a relationship.  The Company was sold to a publicly traded bank in a multi-stage cash transaction.  The software assets were simultaneously spun off into a separate entity and evolved into a sizable stand-alone company.


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