Location: Research Triangle Park, NC

Industry: Technology

The Company is a leading developer of cloud-based workforce and learning management software solutions.

Transaction Overview:

The Company was steadily growing and gaining market share, but the owners felt that additional capital and distribution relationships would substantially accelerate its growth rate. The primary owner was also interested in a transaction that might allow him to transition out of the Company to pursue additional entrepreneurial interests.  The Company asked Trestle to seek out a range of options that could provide liquidity and additional growth capital.


Trestle undertook a marketing process that focused on potential partners with an existing presence or a stated interest in the Company’s software vertical. The Company was sold to a private equity-backed strategic acquiror in an all-cash transaction. The owners received full liquidity, while the Company gained access to additional capital and customer distribution.  The transaction also provided the primary owner with an option to continue with the Company but transition out at a future time of his choosing.


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